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Bronze Memorials

We have bronze memorials available in many different sizes and designs.  All memorials shown are our own copyright.  As such, we are able to offer substantial discounts whether purchasing before need (with interest free payments) or at the time of need.

Coventry Dogwood 24" x 14" Individual
Coventry Dogwood
Coventry Wheat 24" x 14" Individual
Coventry Wheat

You may choose from any of the 3 lettering styles shown below at no additional charge.

Bronze Marker Lettering Styles

Emblems may be added at no additional cost on practically any memorial.  We have several hundred different emblems to choose from including; civic, education, crafts, labor, religious, military, fraternal, dogs, cats, etc.

A few of the many emblems available A few of the many emblems available

We have the capability of drawing the memorial to scale so you can see exactly how it will look.  If you choose to purchase your memorial before the time of need, it will be placed in storage until it is needed at no cost to you.

Coventry Ivy 44" x 14 " Companion
Coventry Ivy

Why Should Your Memorial Be Purchased From Us??

The question is not "why should your memorial be purchased from us"  We believe the question should be changed to, "Why Should it NOT be purchase it elsewhere?"  When we sell you your bronze memorial, the income goes directly to our cemetery to be used for beautification and maintenance, and to help perpetuate it's financial stability:  but when an outsider sells a memorial to the lot owner, your cemetery does not receive income but is still responsible for the care and maintenance of the cemetery.

Misty Pine 44" x 14 " Companion
Misty Pine

Misty Rose 44" x 14 " Companion
Misty Rose

Any memorial you purchase from us includes unlimited resetting, addition of death dates, insurance against damage, loss or theft of your memorial and vase, guaranteed replacement of a cracked granite base - and- you know we, as a cemetery, will be in existence many years beyond the natural life of other businesses.  Consequently, generation after generation, families may rightfully look to Twin Valley Memorial Park for the proper maintenance of any memorial purchases at the cemetery.

Memorialization means more than just an affectionate gesture for today.  It means storing away memories for tomorrow.

Twin Valley Memorial Park has available for it's families the finest memorials that can be obtained.  Call us at 724-468-5184 collect, (for evening or weekend appointment), or stop in at your earliest convenience.  Our Office hours are 9:00 - 4:30 Monday thru Friday.  We have name designs and many sizes for you to see in our show room

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Phone:  (724) 468-5184 ~ Fax:  (724) 468-4517
Office Hours:
 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday thru Friday
Evenings and Weekends, by appointment only
Mausoleum Hours: 
April 1st to Sept 30th - 10:00 am to 7:30 pm
October 1st to March 31st - 10:00 AM to 4:30 pm