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The arrangements meeting is a vital part of any funeral.
During this informal meeting one of our funeral directors will guide you through the process, whether it is at need or pre-need.

Veiwing Room DAt-need Arrangements

The at-need arrangements meeting takes place at the families convenience.   At this time we will assist you in gathering the information needed to complete all forms and to write a meaningful and informative obituary. While the obituary is being typed, we will help you in the selection of services, merchandise, planning visitation times and scheduling the service, as well as all of the other details that need to be addressed in regards to the funeral. Before we conclude the arrangements meeting the obituary will be complete, allowing you or your loved ones to see and read it before it is placed in the newspaper.

We understand that this is a very difficult time for the family, and that finances are not always one of the primary concerns. Therefore we allow the family 60 days to settle the bill with little or no money down.

Pre-Need Arrangements

Pre-arrangements are made before a death has occurred. There are many different reasons to preplan you or your loved ones funeral.
Some of the most common reasons are:

  • To plan the funeral that you desire.
    In today’s day and age, a lot of the younger generation feels it is tabu to talk about the passing of a loved one. Pre-planning allows you to select the type of funeral you desire and alleviates your loved ones from having to make decisions on what they believe you would have wanted.

  • Relieving the financial burden from your family.
    When you make pre-paid arrangements, you select and pay for the funeral you desire at today’s cost. The major benefit of pre-planning and pre-paying is you will receive a price guarantee. No further funds will ever be due on the merchandise and services you select. This will save your family hundreds of dollars, eliminating yearly inflation costs.

  • Pre-Planning out of necessity.
    When you or a loved one is in a nursing home or care facility for an extended period of time, the costs can become overwhelming. The money saved during a life time can become depleted and a Governmental Agency will step in and take all the assets to cover future care. If you pre-pay for your funeral arrangements, the funds will be placed into an irrevocable burial funding source. This means that it is not considered an asset against you and will remain in place for when the time of need arises.

Our LobbyWhen it comes to pre-paying
for your funeral arrangements

Anthony “Tony” Vaia is a Certified Preplanning Consultant and an Insurance Agent with Homesteaders Life Company. He will be able to sit down and discuss all the options available to you. We offer a variety of payment options ranging from a single payment up to a 10 year payment plan. This allows us to help you select an option that fits your financial needs.

If you would like to start the arrangement process now.  Please fill out our online Arrangements Information form and submit it to us. Or if you are more comfortable writing the information, please complete the printable version and bring it with you to the arrangements meeting.

Click HERE for the Online Version of our
Arrangements Information Form

Click HERE for the Printable Version of our
Arrangements Information Form

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